Do I need to install the Beaker command-line client for beaker-py to work?

No, beaker-py is written in pure Python. It communicates with the Beaker server directly through HTTP requests, so you don’t need to have the command-line client installed.

Do I need Docker?

Not necessarily. beaker-py will work fine without Docker, unless you want to do something that requires Docker, like uploading an image to Beaker (Beaker.image.create).

Is there way to suppress the progress bars that certain methods print out?

Yes, just pass the quiet=True parameter to those methods.

I keep getting warnings that I should upgrade beaker-py, but I don’t want to. Can I turn those warnings off?

Yes, just pass check_for_upgrades=False to Beaker() or Beaker.from_env().

What’s the different between a task and a job?

In Beaker, tasks are the fundamental unit of work. A Job is just an execution of a task. So a Task can have any number of jobs associated with it, but a job is always associated with at most a single task (only “session” type jobs won’t be associated with a task).